Bedrock Petroleum Consultants, LLC is focused on "Quality, Service and Availability".

Our goal is to put service back in the consulting business. Our commitment to HSE will come before
our commitment to revenue. We will provide the utmost, qualified and professional representation to
our consultants and operator client. We will ensure our staff has a proven heritage in the oil field, thus
making them more capable of understanding both of our client’s needs.

We are involved in operations with majors, independents, and service companies throughout the
domestic US and internationally as well.  Focusing on better service, while efficiently managing our
overhead, allows us to offer some of the very best rates in the industry.


Bedrock Petroleum Consultants has offices in Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Pennsylvania. 

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Welcome to Bedrock...

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At Bedrock Petroleum Consultants our
service is world wide serving businesses
like yours everyday.

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With quality consulting of your business also comes quality opportunities in the work force.

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